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Usually starting at a young age when a girl is everyones little princess, then slowly progresses into adulthood and the girl uses her looks to get what ever she wants

Also known as "HGS"

Written by "GC"

Discoverd by "Vandersmelt"
Person 1: Wow look at that hot girl :)

Person 2: yeah she looks like she suffers from Hot Girl Syndrome

Person 1: thats probably how she got the lexus shes driving
by NELV March 11, 2010
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When the most attractive small town girls get it into their heads that they make every rule, they won't be caught with anyone from their school, and a sort of mix between bitchiness and snobbiness.
She's got the looks, but I won't be seeing her again, she has the hot girl syndrome, I hit it.
by Kalib June 24, 2007
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When a very hot girl doesn't understand or is unaware of how hot she is.
Guy: wow, you're very pretty.

Girl: Nah, I'm just average.

Guy: *thinking * yeah, she has Hot girl syndrome...
by oreosdoublestuffed February 12, 2012
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