A new SnapChat filter, of a dancing hot dog with headphones, commonly used on Instagram meme pages. One of the most spreading and successful SnapChat meme used.
Amy : Woah look at that hot dog filter!

Chris: I love his headphones.
by Yami July 05, 2017
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A brave earwig warrior who never give's up no matter how big the opponent. Loved by hundreds of users on iFunny
User 1: Bro did you see Hotdog fight Tater?
User 2: Yeah dude, tater had no chance.
by KingMug August 06, 2016
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1. A fake yum yum yum in your tum tum tum made of children and chicken trimming and corn syrup
2. Porn tools
2. Hot dog.Stuck it up the girl.
via giphy
by Yummy Boy Ded rubntug February 06, 2018
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When you are standing or walking someplace with your dick hanging out of your zipper.
1. Before I went home on my last day of work, I hot dogged Juanita in her cubicle.

2. I was hot dogging for a half hour at the concert before the bouncer told me to put it away!

3. I dare you to hot dog the clerk while asking where the banana hammok's are.
by Huesse June 27, 2007
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a hot dog is when you are resting with a woman or a man and rest your penis between the butt cheeks of that person to keep the penis warm.
also a hot dog may be when the penis does not go into the vagina but mere slides across it and the vagina's lips are wrapped around the shaft of the penis.

penis hotdog buttcheek hotdog vagina hot dog
by mike nasty March 05, 2007
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A slightly older lady in her late 30s (very possibly 39) that enjoys "being out with the girls" and frequents places such as TGIF and Yardhouse. She likes to get wild (or so she thinks) and lets her hair down every weekend to feel young again. She isn't a cougar yet and absolutely dreads the day this specific label is placed upon her.
"Hey bro, that older lady is such a hot dog."
by jimmyjackjohnsonx September 27, 2011
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Also called "Dog," this is a more private and literal term for the penis.
"Awww yeah! I ate that man's hot dog quite nicely!" said a skank-ass ho.
by Jaced Mascoli August 12, 2008
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