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Noun: hot-dog

An erotic sandwich consisting of a thrusting penis between two female breasts.

Verb: hot-dogged, hot-dogging

To place ones penis between a females breasts and thrust repeatedly, thus creating the erotic sandwich known as a hot dog.
"Man, her jugs are screaming for a big fat hot dog!"

"How would you feel if I hot-dogged your delightful breasts?"

"She wouldn't let me fuck her ass, so I had to settle for hot-dogging her titties."
by JayVeeDawg June 29, 2012

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A colloquial term, originating from the NSW Central Coast of Australia, referring to the male reproductive organ when in its flaccid, non-erect form.
Please don't flick my diddy.

That old pedo touched my diddy.

Ouch, you hurt my diddy.
by JayVeeDawg July 30, 2011

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