Butt Sex. The butt cheeks are the buns. The penis is the hotdog.
My girlfriend and I had a hot dog last night. I enjoyed it.
by JimmyBobBilly August 06, 2009
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for adults: a food enjoyed by many.

for kids and teenagers: an immature innuendo for penis
adult: This is an amazing hot dog

kid or teen: my hot dog is this big *holds hands far apart*
by pyrost December 02, 2014
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also known as a Boob screw or a Boob Fuck. where the boy and girl are totally naked and the boy climbs on the girl putting his dick inbetween her Boobs moving back and forth. so it makes a hotdog, with the boobs being the bun and the penis the dog. Ends with cumming on her. aka the mustard.
boy: so do u want a hotdog?
girl: only is it comes with mustard.
by call me T February 16, 2006
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Term to describe someone's large lips, usually covered in mustard and brine.
"Fuck me! That Angelina Jolie's got massive hotdogs, just like Joe!"
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
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Also known as a Chav.

Dressed in tracksuits these individuals cause trouble, have little to no intellect, spout foul language, and on the whole have quite racist views.

They are in a plastic wrapper and filled with shit, dick, and lips. Much like their edible counterparts.
Dave: "you seen steve?"

Mike: "No he's gone Hotdog bashing cos one of them stole his bike."
by Preacher-man Jnr. September 21, 2012
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