A phrase common in the 1950's to express awe, delight, or amazement.
In 1956, Perry Como expressed delight over a woman in the song, "Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)," which reached #1 in the Billboard chart that year.
by wvguy April 26, 2017
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expression of awe, delight, or just plain amazement, of common use in the 50's...by dorks.
"hot diggity! that was good crack!"
by siescierto May 03, 2004
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Expression of extra excitement or anticipation.
Hot diggity dog, I'm finally going to get to write my own book of favorite words and expressions.
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1. unsettled and skittish or multiple options on offer or Jitting around
2. a Flirty dance between two people
"my pc's opening loads of programs simultaneously and it's gone all hot diggity - I can't get it through to it's final solution"
"Great Boogie last night - Sam and Jane really got the Hot diggity going"
by The Mamma with the Quan October 02, 2007
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When something is so good you jump up and say HOT DIGGITY DOG
HOT DIGGITY DOG! This piece of trash is absolutely delicious and nutritious!
by just another dank xxmemexx December 05, 2017
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A commonly used exclamation of excitement by the robot, Bender, in the popular TV show Futurama
- Calculon: Presenting our newest member. *He moves aside to show Bender.*
- *Many robots are cheering.*
- Bender: Hot diggity daffodil!
by Niedrig April 01, 2009
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