When an alcoholic drink is made very very very strong. The best way to tell if you are drinking a hot cup, is when you can no longer taste the mixer. A true hot cup is one made in a very large container and is the equivalent of a week's worth of normal drinking. Hot cups are best enjoyed amongst other hot cups, a beach, or just because its a tuesday morning.
B: Dude pass me that hot cup.
K: Hot cup's getcha hot cups.

E: Where did half that bottle of voddy go?
K: Umm your hot cup.
E: OOOOOOOoooo you are right.
by BlueHouseCrew June 26, 2011
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When you blow a vape cloud on top of a beer bong, and blow the vape smoke out after the beer bong is completed.
Yo someone top off the beer bong for a hot cup
by Sober Week June 14, 2017
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Where by a man lies on his back and then farts into a womens vagina. She closes her legs and then the man smells the fart as it comes out her flaps.
Hot cuppings great all the famous movie stars are doing it
by boomer2 January 29, 2004
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taking a hit of weed and blowing it into a fast food cup through the straw till te cup gets full, then reusing the smoke to take more hits and get higher
yo yo yo my niggas this hot ass asian kid told me about hot cupping, lets try it
by warty_toad October 24, 2006
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Someone who exceeds the boundaries of a normal "asshole" so much that one remains almost speechless.
Stan kicked your mother's cavernous bat cave? Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Your mother is a hot cup of asshole.
by MB87 September 28, 2010
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Farting into your cupped hand and quickly shoving it over someones mouth .
You would say,"Hey Bill, how about a hot cup of soup" as you are swinging your cupped hand full of hot molten fart quickly twords his face, giving him no time to react. Hopefully resulting in deep inhalation ...
by smooth1 December 13, 2008
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A cup of hot water. or otherwise in most cases a very loose vagina...
wow that pussy was loose. id rather fuck a "hot cup of water".
by dramafreeman March 02, 2009
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