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One who only eats meat out of hospitality. They do not buy their own meat to cook nor do they buy it in restaurants. They have vegetarian diets unless they are given/served food from a friend/family member/acquaintance/co-worker.

-hospitalitarians can cook meat for their friends/family if they are hosting them for dinner and they know their guests are strict carnivores (hospitalitatians prefer buying free-range/local meat, and will encourage their carnivore friends by example)

-if someone buys a hospitalitarian a meal in a restaurant, it is a judgement call. if there are absolutely no viable vegetarian options on the menu, the hosp can opt for meat.
If a hospitalitarian goes to a someones's house for dinner, and their host serves meat, they will eat it.

If there are non-meat options, they will opt for them but if the main course contains meat, they will honor their host by eating it. Furthermore, they will try out everything part of the meal they give me.

This is a reflection of eating when hosted for a meal in many countries outside of the United States. It is considered rude if you do not eat all of what the host provides you.

Furthermore, eating their food provides a sense of trust and relationship between you and your host, whether you are in Washington, DC or Kenya.
by jespo September 29, 2009
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Professionals who can handle people like the gentleman above with charisma and grace.
"Is there anything else I can get for you, Edward S.?," the hospitalitarian replied.
by bebobjones April 22, 2009
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A pretentious term used by those who feel they have mastered hospitality, but are so pretentious they clearly have not.
" should hire me for your customer service position as I am an accomplished hospitalitarian..."
by S Edward October 18, 2006
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