A drinking game that requires a minimum of 4 people. Preferable opposite genders (unless you're into that stuff) A boy will pair up with a girl and depending on how many people you have there can be up to 6 teams. What will happen is each team has a designated drinker and can cracker. The can cracker will open the can (for shotgunning) after the drinker finishes each drink. The can cracker can only crack the can after the previous drink is finished. First team to finish all 3 shotguns wins. The losers have to make out for a solid 10 seconds. This can be played in a tournament or everyone can go at once.
Broski, Stephanie, and I had to make out after we lost horse race. Luckily we were both hammered after a few games.
by @OfficalDrinkingGod June 16, 2020
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it's practically horses that race on a track with each having a rider on their back. And people gamble, by betting on which horse will win.
let's go watch the horse racing race.
by arwa a November 25, 2018
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When a girl has explosive diaherra, and ten men with erect penis' charge her asshole.
When me and my nine friends were gangbanging your grandma after she had burritos, she yelled i feel my stomach brewing something get, get ready for a mongolian horse race. We all knew what that meant, so we all got erect and charged her asshole.
by pdodledad August 2, 2010
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The act of taking tubing and placing it in both partners rectums and having both shit at the same time. The objective of the game is to get your poop into the other person's butthole first.
"Did you guys try out the Cleveland Steamer?"
"Nah, we went for the Wisconsin Horse Race... whoever gets their crap inside the other person first gets to be on top"
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A group of men engaged in collective masterbation. The winner being the first horse past the post.
Hi lads, did you hear (insert name) took part in a vatican horse race and won!
by Ginger Flash July 26, 2019
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Going nowhere (if you can imagine a race track with a bunch of dead horses, you get the picture).
This baseball game is taking forever... tied at the 19th inning... it's a real dead horse race.
by walski69 October 9, 2007
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If everybody thought the same, then they would all bet on the same horse, then nobody would make any money. Hence, different views make horse racing possible.
Dan: "Everyone goes home from school for the weekend to be with their mothers, its lame."

Jenn: "That's what makes for horse racing!"
by Irish Wisdom 11111 March 19, 2010
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