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Portmanteau of 'horrendous' and 'atrocious' used to describe the execution, officiating, demeanor, physical attractiveness, athletic ability, intelligence, common sense and general comportment of all things related to PAC-12 football in 2018 (and very likely, into the future). Coined by the "Podcast of Champions" (a podcast dedicated to celebrating the mediocrity of a dying college football conference), it is most accurately used to describe how the conference has been run into the side of a mountain by Commissioner Larry Scott.

Alternate spellings: horocious, whoroscious
Unacceptable spliing: herocious
Have you seen the programming on the Pac-12 Network? Its horrocious.
by 4th and 11 December 11, 2018
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ferociously horrendous

something so disturbing it ellicits an intense visceral response (e.g. wretching and or slight vomiting)
Dang girl, you done made my eyes bleed wit dat horrocious Taco Bell gas you just passed.
by Yeti Lover September 12, 2005
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