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I was a straight A student at my old school but ever since I came to Hopkins School, I'm a straight C- student.
by Acul Naes November 30, 2016
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Hopkins School is one of the leading first tier prep schools in the country. Hopkins has a beautiful campus located on a quaint hillside in Connecticut. Hopkins is a very well respected school, however, less well known than some of its peers (i.e. Choate, Deerfield, Exeter, and Hotchkiss) because Hopkins does not board. Hopkins was founded in 1660, and is the seventh oldest educational institute in America. It was originally founded as an all boys school, but merged with the Day Prospect Hill School in 1972, and is now co-ed.
Hopkins has educated some of the most brilliant minds in history; these include Senators, Governors Supreme Court Justices, Congressman, Businessman, Postmaster Generals, Inventors, Diplomats, Artists, Military Generals, Composers, Engineers, Authors, Editors, Doctors, Architects and Lawyers. Some of these being, John Malone, Edward Bouchet, Walter Camp, James Hillhouse, Paul MacCready, and Charles Ives.
With its dedicated teachers, committed students and extensive resources, Hopkins continues to maintain its excellent reputation in academics, prestige and athletics.
Hopkins School is an excellent establishment with a beautiful campus, outstanding athletics, brilliant students and incomparable teachers.
by J.J. Smith April 27, 2008
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A 7-12 private school in New Haven, Ct. Built in 1660, it merged with the Day-Prospect girls' school in 1970. Hopkins is the home of the Hilltoppers and has a goat as a school mascot. Students are frequently called nerds, social rejects, or are instructed to go do homework by jealous rivals at Hamden Hall that couldn't get in to Hop.
"Oh, you go to that smart school?"
"Hopkins School."
"Right. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be like studying or whatever?"
by Caitlincl November 12, 2006
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This is a place where stupid kids decides to skip class to vape/smoke in the bathrooms and having them locked, leaving people who needs to use the bathroom walk ACROSS the other side just to pee. The school is full of white washed Asians and Blacks. White girls trying to be ghetto. White boys thinking they tough but ain’t got shit. Hopkins had a record of having 4 fights in one day (I think it was 4). All gender bathroom is where people fuck each other. The stairs up the little theater is also a fucking spot. Pep fest are the worst! Little white girls bouncing and kicking there feet’s till they can fly. Racist as teachers. Main office people are the WORST. Those old as ladies needs some help. Principal is chill asf. Class 2019 was the best year PERIODT

Overall, Hopkins is a pretty nice place to be at :D
“Remember when Hopkins High School kids threw trash off of the balcony? Well I was there and sadly got hit by a trash can” :(

“Oh my gosh remember when a girl was sucking a guy in the bathroom! Apparently, one of her arm was swinging back and forth. Yikes”

“Yooo after pep fest these group of people started running together to the bathroom and broke one of the sink!”
by Krabypatty November 11, 2019
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A very diverse high school located in Minnetonka, MN serving the city of Hopkins, most of Minnetonka, about half of Golden Valley, and portions of Eden Prairie, Edina, Plymouth, and St. Louis Park. Nicknamed "Potkins" for obvious reasons.
You go to Potkins?" "Hell yeah, Hopkins High School.
by immatouchthesky May 30, 2011
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The place where the 6th graders are besties with the 8th graders
The 7th graders dress like its the 80s.
And the 8th graders think there all that.
The biggest thing to happen at Hopkins middle school are the football games
by Endangeredpuddle October 7, 2021
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