"Hootie hoo" is a call used by the host(s) of a party to let everyone know the party's been busted and they need to gtfo
*party scene*
*police sirens wailing in distance*
Kevin: Yo bro, the police are here. What do we do?
by KingWZRD August 3, 2015
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What you holler when there’s cops on the block.
And forever hollerin' "Hootie Hoo!" when we see cops
by Zappy March 25, 2021
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A hedz up to otha brothaz thet be chillin' in da hood that the popo is out an' prolly aroun' tha corner reddy to bus' yo ass fo smokin' that chronic stack. Made popular in part by Outkast in tha hook from "Slump" off Aquemimi.
I'm strickly stressin dirty, dirty/
Gone represent it to the t-top/
Born and bred up on the street top/
Get to the money and sweet spot/
And forever hollin' hootie hoo!/
When we see cops
by Levi January 3, 2004
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Ironically, Hootie hoo was first heard on the whitest show on television,The Andy Griffith Show. It was the greeting at the lodge to which Andy belonged. Its current usage would be more surprising if there were not so many other references to the show in urban colloquial language (e.g. Opie)
Hootie Hoo, Andy! Good to see you back at the lodge.
by BadRabbit. March 16, 2005
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Its what you say when you see an extremely large woman (and on occasion a man), who has a very round shape and usually has clothes on that are too small.
by Hootie Lover August 4, 2010
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The call of the gangster or if u are a faggot ass science teacher what you yell out at the end of spring or some gay shit like that.
Is that fat fuck Mr. Frankle callin out his dogs or just thinking about cake again...
by Sullibeast May 28, 2004
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An alert that a dangerous or bullshit situation is afoot.
Hey devil
“Hootie hoo”
by G Stallion July 31, 2019
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