Can make even the whitest of white girls look gangsta

I love girls that wear hoop earrings
by .PiCe.NuSSy. September 14, 2008
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The idea that the size of one's hoop earrings is directly correlated with one's promiscuity
Mike: Should I ask Sarah out?

Josh: I dunno man, she's got some big hoops.

Mike: What do you mean?

Josh: You've never heard of Hoop Earring Theory? Also known as "the bigger the hoop the bigger da ho."
by Wyla Merryweather August 25, 2013
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It is a theory about non-black girls involving the wearing of hoop earrings. The theory states the bigger the hoops a girl wears (usually a white girl), the more likely she is to date a black guy. It's usually pretty accurate, although there are always exceptions to this theory.
Sarah has jungle fever and always wears big hoop earrings; this is her signal to men of color that she likes the black D. Lee, a black man, picked up on this and asked her out--they've been dating ever since! Sarah is proof that the "Hoop Earring Theory" is true!
by HoopChick May 18, 2009
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The bigger the hoop, the more a woman likes anal sex.
"I noticed your 5" hoops and wanted some help in a little study I'm performing. It's called the Hoop Earring Theory, which states that the bigger the hoop, the more a woman likes anal sex. Can you tell me if that it true?"
by Seth and Scott April 28, 2008
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Big hoop earring mean that the woman likes black men. And the bigger the earrings the more likely they enjoy anal sex.
(White guy says) --Man yo, look at that bitch she's lookin good as hell dog. Aw man look at those big hoop earrings she's not interested in us.
by Woodwork October 6, 2015
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as worn by female knackers, pikeys, atomic kitten etc and kappa tracksuit wearing dogs
Britney Clare:hey Melinda Rose, have you seen these earrings in da catalogue
by kirsty November 19, 2003
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