Poes hoog/ fucking high


It means basicly that your so high from smoking weed that you dont even know whats happening around you.

Eks nou so poes toe gerook that ek eenvoudig nie meer weer wat the poes aan gaan nie.

Jou oe sal dan die kleur wees van die duiwel se ballas. Of iemand sal se jou oe lyk soos poeskaste.
Persone 1: Ek is nou poes hoog.
Persone2: ja ek kan sien jou oe lyk soos die duiwel se ballas.
by Eksnetpoeshoog January 07, 2017
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The act of using the tube of a vacuum to suck out the feces of your partner then spraying them on them
Yup, just got my hoog flooged it's so nice feeling...well not really but whatever! I love to floog the hoog to other people though
by (678)999-8212 March 09, 2017
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Iemand met een psychische aandoening (someone with a mental disorder) die zijn symptomen kan verbergen en/of kan meedoen in de maatschappij (who can conceal his or her symptoms and/or can participate in society) wordt gezien als hoog functionerend (is seen as high functioning).
by YourMotherJeMoeder August 02, 2016
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GERMANY, mad saying that means shit all.
aussie: HOOGEN SCHNOOGEN FLOOGEN HOOG - what does it mean?
german exchange : nothing
aussie: yes itdoesitmeans something
german exchange: no it doesnt
aussie: damn. wann get crunk?
by AAARGHH April 09, 2007
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Hoog has had a definition for many eons for those with occult knowledge. It is a mantra of expulsion. Used to dispel negative energies. It itself is a very powerful mantra and should be used sparingly as it may bring harm to those whom it is directed towards.
Huh huh huh...foolish mortals. (hoog) Hooooooooooog, WHoooooooooG.
by Madgar October 25, 2017
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A mistaken menu item at a steak restaurant by a drunkard.
Eg Julian asks in a manner of uncultured bewilderment “What on earth is a Hoog”?
His brothers reply in unison “that is 400g (the size of the steak) you fucktard” explaining to Julian the illiterate mongol spaz master 3000.
by Soup kitchen December 13, 2019
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