A potent form of medical hash found mostly in Northern California. Also known by those as the 55, double nickle, speed limit, line backer, ho-co.
Damn I'm high, them niggas smoked that honey comb with me!
by Twelve12life November 3, 2010
Verb. To build, to connect in interlocking hexagons (sacred geometry) aka Indra's Web, see Visionary Art, Alex Grey, the shapes on a pineapple, the scales on a sea turtle's arms, the lava rocks stacked at a waterfall. To connect. To build. To tap into the underlying pattern, the beat, of the Larger Consciousness, the Universe. To stack thick bricks. To make a strong structure, a vessel, for the purpose of generating sweetness, bliss, joy, honey.
After 12 years of daily meditation , Seamoure saw the pattern of the dome-home greenhouse of golden light , emulating the sea cliff cave, where they would build to grow flowers and find shelter from the elements, doing the Honey Comb part of life.
by SirCerulean May 3, 2021
When in cold climate and engages a ball sack to shrival up, looking like the cereal Honey Combs.
When he went into the pool his sack was honey combing
by match April 3, 2005
A sticky, unpleasant substance and/or in some cases a fungus, that gets caught in the hairs of your anus. Nasty
"Darling you have a honey combs stash. Just like your perv stash. But I like to ride that one."
by Martika May 7, 2006
taking a large shit on the back or top of some ones head...should be in a swirlling shape.can be runny or solid
jim proformed a honey comb on that asian chick kim.
by dingdong011 June 27, 2011
The act of pouring honey comb cereal into any ass and then shooting it out like a geyser.
Katelyn is divorcing Dylan after he made a huge mess while honey combing in the kitchen.
by Kylan Coward February 3, 2021