When someone is experiencing a longing for one's home during a period of absence from it.
He was homesick for America after five weeks in Europe.
by LittleBFFforlife53 October 22, 2016
The feeling of longing for home when one is absent.

The bitch that punches you in the gut when you leave for college.
I want a hug from my mom, my warm bed, my little brother and sister, my dad's bad jokes and my dog. Fuck this homesickness.
by collegegirl35432 January 7, 2012
A feeling of sadness, loneliness, and even depression from being deprived from someone or somewhere.
by waffle_man666 May 4, 2015
A word that is used when some people feel nostalgia about been in their homes. They usually want to be in their homes.
Last week I was so sad and homesick
by Fidel Sanher April 17, 2006
Being homesick before you actually leave home. May include a stomach ache, curling up in a ball, crying, lack of sex drive, over dramatic music being listened to, as well as other homesick behaviors.
Susie was suffering some major premature homesickness so I decided to just curl up with her for the night rather than push for us to have sex.
by maddie_1213 January 31, 2011
someone who rides with the car windows down when it's thirty degrees outside.
My friend got in my car and rolled down the window. I screamed," HOMESICK ESKIMO"!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it was in the dead of winter.
by PowersCast November 5, 2010
When you and your girl are into some freaky shit, take her dead baby thats been in the fridge and stick it in between your cock and her vagina and start fucking.
Person 1- "yup i used that homesick abortion on her ass."

Person 2- BROOOOO howd it go?

Person 1- "She's pressing charges."
by Aleksandr Aleksandrov January 10, 2017