An omnipresent force in suburbia, or at least in most of it's residential neighborhoods.

A quasi-fascist governing board, often set up by a subdivision's real-estate developer, who strictly enforce such rules and building codes as...

-Grass must be kept watered, golf course green and closely manicured, even during times of drought and water shortages

-No one uses their yard to grow their own food

-No patch of land may be permitted to return to it's natural state

-No rooms or other additions may be permitted above or in front of the existing home

-No potter's shed or tool shed may be allowed anywhere on the property

-No yard ornaments

-No rain barrels

and so on.
The homeowners association says you can't put an addition onto the front of the house. They also said you couldn't add a 2nd level (which would keep any additional property from being paved over.) They said that the only place you could add on was the back (which paradoxically is the only yard anyone ever actually uses.)

To get another idea of what a homeowner's association is like, watch the 1999 episode of the X-Files by the name of "Arcadia."
by Miskatonic Jack 2 January 10, 2011
When Karens gather in a large group, they are known as a Homeowners Association.
by Brahsm42R September 10, 2020
A small group of real estate agents, builders and developers who control and repress the residents of a suburban neighborhood. The aim of the association is to maintain the profitability of the real estate business by keeping the neighborhood in a state of Disney-like visual perfection - regardless of the impact on residential life. This is accomplished by enforcing rules for landscaping, lawn and building exterior maintenance, and by outlawing simple functional items and amenities such as basketball nets, garbage cans, satellite dishes, solar panels, flower pots, compost piles, window blinds, bike trails, mailbox numbers, etc.
The homeowner's association fined me $50 because I own a garbage can.

Our homeowner's association says we can't have a bike trail, because some buyers might believe that bike trails attract crime and drug dealers.
by LouSara September 20, 2012
Located in the USA, these "board members" and their "president" are basically the mafia and/or terrorists.

They terrorize and cause hell with their own fellow neighbors who agree to be part of their little "shit world."

They threaten them with foreclosure of your own home, they scrutinize you for the littlest things, and they are basicallly dictators.

They also have the power to fine people (for tons of $$ a day) for various things like:
*You can't put a flagpole in your yard (I'm a damn patriot! i represent the USA!).
*You can't put plastic flamingos in your lawn.
*Your fence is one inch too tall.
*You can't paint your house a different color without permission of the board.

Let's compare it to someone familiar in history!!!
Lets think of Hitler. He terrorized and dominated a whole society and murdered and slaughtered tons of Jewish people.

What did we learn today? Kick their ass!

Fuck, at least I live in a place where my city government makes fair policy, and not bullshit policy by assholes.
by Akit April 4, 2004
A dictatorial body of self-righteous, arrogant and controlling neighborhood busybodies who think they have a right to tell you what to do with your property, and won't hesitiate to turn you in for the smallest thing including keeping a car they don't like on your driveway, painting your house, manicuring your lawn, etc. It's basically a legalized form of extortion and facism.
A HATE ALL homeowner's association.
by March 3, 2008
A homeowner's organization (Or HOA) is an organization whose job is to ensure houses in a community look nice, and other rules involving said community. Doesn't sound so bad on the surface, correct? In fact that sounds downright reasonable. The problem arises from the type of people who make up that organization--they are the most vindictive, petty, karen-type motherFUCKERS to ever live on this god forsaken rock. They are another reason to stay out of Suburbia, a barren wasteland of the same 4 prefab houses copy pasted over and over again, barely fit for comfortable human habitation.

What do you mean the grass is one millimeter too long, who the FUCK measures grass? There's a WEIGHT LIMIT for dogs in this place? Why are they upset about the trash cans being at the curb, do they think people even care? These people like to micromanage their community with no regard for rule numero dos of life: Mind Your Own Damn Business.
Fuck the Homeowner's Association.
by bapbapbapabpahfb July 29, 2022