Blazer is a term commonly used at the bar scene at The University of Iowa. It is used to insult someone that looks like or is acting like a total fogie. Someone who loves public transportation, WWII, wearing two-piece track jumpsuits and Hawaiian shirts, and falling asleep watching baseball games is a Blazer. Think of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, but just the cranky old part of him, not the totally badass part.
That guy sleeping on the bus, wearing a jumpsuit, and listening to the baseball game on his headphones is a total Blazer.
by J_Gleezy October 8, 2013
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1.Someone who smokes marajuna 24/7 and is known for it, another word for Pothead
2.Someone who goes to Great Neck North Middle school or High school,on Long Island
Friend number 1-Andrew Y is the biggest Blazer I know.
Friend number 2-Oh my god i know, i heard he goes to rehab.
by coolperson March 30, 2006
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A blazer is a type of jacket, worn as smart casual dress. The term blazer occasionally is synonymous with boating jacket and sports jacket, two different garments. A blazer resembles a suit coat cut more casually — sometimes with flap-less patch pockets and metal buttons. A blazer's cloth is usually durable (14oz.), because it is an outdoor sports jacket. Stylistically, blazers often are uniform garments, i.e. airline, school, and yachting, and rowing clubs.

The term blazer identifies two distinct jackets; the first, original blazer, was a single-breasted boat club jacket, worn for rowing, of brightly-coloured, often striped cloth, with contrasting piping; essentially an early sports jacket. The second blazer is a fitted, classically-cut, double-breasted navy blue jacket, originally called reefer jacket, now an occasional usage. As men discontinued wearing the original boat-club blazer, the term then applied solely to the double-breasted naval version dressed with metal buttons; the military originals were black.
"Dudes rockin' dah Blaze Blazer"

"Look at my Blazer man"

"How fresh is that Blazer son?"

"I might just wear a Blazer and Jeans to the Party"
by Abramsgavin February 18, 2010
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1. Describes someone that you see as a "warrior," someone who focuses on achieving 1000x higher than the goal originally set and won't stop/give up/rest until he/she reaches past that goal. A trend-setter among friends and a soldier at heart, he/she will always attempt to accomplish an intended goal with purity of heart and of mind and with a friend(s)' safety and well-being always in mind. if necessary.
Friend #1: We've gotta stop him, he's badly hurt, it's not worth protecting me!!

Friend #2: What can I say? He's a "blazer" at heart, he just won't stop till you're safe; he'd put his life on the line to protect us all.
by DP92 December 27, 2011
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A sweet ass ride from Chevrolet. Best car ever made.

Having the upmost awesome ride in the world.
"Hey, look at that chick's Blazer!"
"Yeah, it's fucking sweeeeeet!"
by PsychoRockabilly July 11, 2008
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sometimes can be used as a school mascot. tends to win several state championships and dominates a everything. surrounding schools are usually jealous and try to insult the school by asking what a blazer even is.
Wow...I wish I was a Blazer.

What's a Blazer?
by hola5577 December 19, 2010
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1. An exetremely Homosexual person literally or just moronically. A higher degree of homosexuality particularly worse than a flamer. The word is usually referred to a guy on the way he acts, looks, speaks or interracts with others but can be referred to a girl on the way she is acting, usually in a stupid way.

2. A major pot smoker.
"Dude he is acting like such a F***ing Blazer today."

"Wow, dude he is looks like a major Blazer."

"Dude, He smokes so much pot I'd label him a blazer."
by Unknowndictionary24 July 17, 2009
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