A strange animal that not a single person can comprehend. Most known for their mating callRoo” and the tendency to “simp” for the opposite sex.
“Hey jordan you see that over there” “what the hell is that weird thing?” “Thats called a Hom”
by ReaderWlthMe July 10, 2021
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A comment that is intended to be mega kiss ass/cloying
- Hey, you look so amazing all the time like I would legit give so much to look like you; I mean, could I just be you?
- What a hom!
by gheerr May 07, 2015
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A male geek who sits in a dark room all day. The lowest caste in Western society, touching or interacting with these individuals is considered taboo. Often have confused gender identities, enjoying baking and generally being a house bitch. No known hom has ever reproduced, preferring the company of other men in all circumstances, including sex.
Hey man, you wanna go to this party on Friday?
Nah I heard a hom was invited.

Dude, I just found loads of brownies and cupcakes in the kitchen, was your girlfriend over?
No that hom next door came out of his room without permission. He knows he's not allowed so I put the bitch to good use while he was out.
by L3mon March 30, 2011
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This word was developed by the couple Joshua britton and Sophie Macdonald in 2013 (UK), it was a glorious winter. This word is used to describe an emotion of a feeling, it is a part of a language that will never die nor feel old. It is appropriate when sober or drunk, and after a time everyone know whats you mean when you use the word om.
Male - How are you
Female - Im Homming well

Male - What do you want for dinner
Female - Hommingbear and chutney

Male -What would val do if i put perry in her
Female - Hom her.

Male - If you were a dinosaur what one would you be ?
Femaile - A homingsauraus Rex
by Joshuab90 October 14, 2013
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Stands for "hand over mouth"

Used when talking online and you have shit all over someone.

Note: before used, you must first scream out oooooohhhh!
Your so fucking ugly! Why dont you just kill yourself!
Ooooohhhhhhh!! HOM
by dyl0n October 15, 2005
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