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Interesting old industrial city in Western Massachusetts.

Holyoke is often referred to as the “arson capitol of the world” for the number of vacant, abandoned and burned out buildings that littered its landscape. Once an industrial capitol, the “Paper City,” known for its manufacturing of paper and textiles, ran on river power and an innovative and extensive canal system that harnessed water power. Nearly a hundred years later, Holyoke became a city of boarded up five- and six-story brick blocks and abandoned, burned out factories frequently used by drug dealers as squats, lookouts, and places for their nefarious business. Holyoke after the 1960s was a city of empty, rubble-filled lots, the remains of dozens of fires that destroyed many of these buildings. Piles of charred debris were left behind. It is densely populated with large brick tenements. For lots of reasons it has the appearance of much larger inner-city areas of the late 70's early 80's. So when you go into neighborhoods and see the kinds of disinvestments that people are familiar with in sections of Roxbury in Boston and in sections of the South Bronx you feel like you're in familiar territory.

Holyoke is in the process of revitalizing downtown as well as a "slum clearance" to rebuild some of the worst ghettos in the Northeast. The city is also attracting high-tech jobs due to its access to green hydropower.
Moving to Holyoke: "Get a security system, CCTV, secure 'buzz-in' entry system, firearms permits, auto-alarms and a pit-bull just so you fit in. Most people leave their cars unlocked so they don't have to replace the glass too often - just let them rifle through your Subaru without having to actually break in. Get one of those removable CD FM units you can take with you. Never leave your GPS out. When your guest arrive have them call 1st so you and your gun and your un-neutered pit bull can meet them out in the street and escort them in. Do the reverse when they leave. You may need to buy some weed or crack from the locals every so often just so they smile and wave at you and ask you "'sup?" instead of simply beating you to a pulp for your cash."

"There are only three cities in the world, Holyoke, Paris and New York”
-Belle Skinner
by Mogedman November 21, 2012
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In western Massachusetts. Highest pregnancy rate, highest std ratings, in Massachusetts. Birthplace of volleyball. A lot of gangs, and crack addicts, and prostitutes.
It sucks that I live in Holyoke
by Snoopii2191 February 01, 2009
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Holyoke is a very gully city in Western MA, with about 60,000 people living there. The poorest city in the area, followed by Springfield. Alot of Puerto Ricans live there now, as well as some blacks, and wannabe cambodians.
did you hear about the shootout in Holyoke?
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Holyoke is the microscopic wart on the Northeast corner of the map of Colorado. Also could be considered Nebraska. The podunkest of podunk towns. Activities in town include snipe hunting, cow tipping, and tumbleweed racing.
Holyoke is podunk.
by Holyokite August 21, 2008
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