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Hanging out with a significant other. Such as a date, or romantic elope.
Friend 1: Hey, you want to hang out?
Friend 2: I can't. I'm holed tonight.
by Senor_Wheels March 30, 2017
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Listen, at the end of the day, a hole is a hole is a hole. Sex is sex. When you get some, you get some. It doesn't matter who it's with, you're still getting some.
John: Brian, do you like guys or girls?
Brian: John, a hole is a hole is a hole. It doesn't matter what they are, sex is sex.
John: You right.
by SecretaryConfucius February 14, 2018
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the way you sleep when you MUST sleep with another male, under some extraordinary circumstances that will allow nothing else, so nothin wierd happens while you are sleepin
Jason: hey jason you sleep on top of the quilt i will sleep under

Dale: Nahhh lets just sleep hole to hole so i wont get cold
by Auneeezy October 12, 2005
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When you put your dick in her ass then drag it up into her pussy then back into her ass and so forth
Cheryl let me go hole to hole on her last night and now she's got a yeast infection..
by Huddski1877 December 11, 2021
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Polite, unoffensive manner to refer to someone as an asshole.
He is such an *A hole*.
by Devil421 November 26, 2003
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Expression to describe the essence of life. This expression goes back to the early days of manapes. Their advanced brains used their skill, experience and knowledge to figure out this is the essence of every form of life as we know it. With the upcoming movement of feminism, the modern human is abandoning this key factor of life, because females found out they can whine. Wifebeaters are convicted, while they basicly defend the heritage of the manapes, our great ancestors. Lack of living up to this essence of life results in anti-drug policies.
Female: I'm on my period, we can't have sex... and no I don't want anal :(
Man: Stop your bitching and whining, ass is fine, a hole is a hole woman!
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The polite way to use the wonderful expletive, ASSHOLE. They use this ALL the time on the radio (Jim Rome) but I mean cmon, it means the same damn thing...
by coffeedrinkerusa May 13, 2003
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