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A woman who one deems unworthy of dating - in which case somebody would sit down and have a meal with. Rather, it is a woman who one would like only to have sex with quickly, similarly to how a snack is handled.

From the Doctor of divinity, genitalia philosophy, pedophilia, and womanizing.
"I'm not looking for a girlfriend, just a hoe-snack."

"Yo Brock, I really like this girl named Julia."
"But Ben, isn't she just a hoe snack?"
by Benjulia February 07, 2018
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Your mate that is your main hoe and bread winner. This the person you wanna marry. This the person you leave your side Thang for. Hoe snack. A hoe that will bring you a snack.
Hey this is my boo he's my hoe snack.
by Original Hoe Snack December 04, 2017
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