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It’s a squad of hoes known for dating a shitload of boys. They are popular for doing bad and dirty things.
I heard the whole hoe squad went to Trent’s party last night

Oh there’s the hoe squad, making out with their bf’s by the benches
by Heeyyygirl December 26, 2017
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A female that bounces from dick to dick. In an everlasting spree of sexual enjoyment. By consuming enough penises from within the disgusting bowels of her putrid vagina she triumphs over all other high school girls in existence. Its as if she were a squad of hoes.
"Yea man I was gettin deepthroated by amanda last nite."
"Really? what a Hoe Squad.
by TRE MASTA November 03, 2010
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The girls in your school that act like bitches and are always so dramatic. They are popular for drama and dating a shit ton of boys. They are known for doing bad things, and always go to parties.
Oh there they go again, the hoe squad is vaping together ”

The hoe squad is always skipping class
by Heeyyygirl April 21, 2018
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