A secret organizaton known only by the name of B.U.S.H (Baddly Used Shit Heads). created almost exact clones of Mini Me. They named these new creatures while they were all drunk. When they woke up the next morning, they found that the H.O.B.B.I.T.S. (Horribly obese bumbling bribeing intellectual tyranus shitheads) had escaped. They then hired a mercenary nicknamed G.A.N.D.A.L.F (gay asshole nabbing diapers after licking fishsticks) to catch them. The whole thing ended up being a big hit, so it was made a movie. For more information, see "racists".
by ro91 November 24, 2005
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A hobbit is:
a. A person of short stature, can be known as a midget or possibly Frodo, a partially famous hobbit.
b. A person with hairy hairy feet
c. A short fat person with hairy feet which can also be known as a nazi, dragonlady
d. All of the above.
Person 1: Hobbit is lecturing again!

Person 2: You mean the nazi?!

Person 3: Nazi is being nice, she is a bloody dragonlady!

Person 2: Crap she is looking at us, play dead!!

Person 3: oh it burns, it burns!!!
by (pro'n Cass-I) August 10, 2007
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you call someone a hobbit...when they are always quiet and it is like dating a moss coverd rock
My ex boyfriend was a mutant hobbit
by bob hastle February 20, 2005
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A small boy by the name of Jacob who is a Housekeeper. Jacob, the Housekeeper, has small little hobbit feet and is also known as a W.O.W. Fag.

Also known as the Hobbizle. The hobbinator. The Hobbinizleator!
Man, Hobbit, quit playing WOW, you fag!
by EP_SWAT September 17, 2007
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a very short person, whose really loud, in love with a person that starts with a k, is not allowed to have caffine, is in love with house and "house", bowls... really bad=D and is annoying to some people...(tood and carl and paul. etc.)
by Samantha Randazzo January 19, 2009
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A race in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth storys that is prone to alcoholism and pot smoking. This choice of lifestyle has resulted in them to have stunted growth. The majority of them are farmers due to the need to satisfy their enormous appetites due to their enormous pot smoking habits. Was originally from munchkin land but exiled by Glenda to the shire due to their addictive habits. Hobbits that incur enormous debts are promptly sold into slavery to Hogwarts Wizarding Academy to work as house elves or to Willy Wonka to work in his chocolate factory.
Hey man! I can score some dank old toby from a Hobbit in Michel Delvin.
by sicmyduck June 27, 2019
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Unlike warlocks which can be known to knock a person right on their behind if they are not carefull, and have frightening smothering capabilities. Hobbits are known to sneak up on you and are seemingly less frightening but dont be fooled these puppies as they will not get larger than a B cup and can be very fun to play with. However many of man has been worn out just by the sheer amazement of the perkiness that comes before them.
Checkout those warlocks, ya but her friend has some substantial hobbits.
by Jooverdoover August 26, 2017
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