A spiteful term, usually associated with someone who is doing something not approved by other people. Also closely associated with the term whack ass.
Why ain't you coming out tonight with us? Man, don't be a Ho-Ass...
by tangokilo421 March 13, 2010
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some pussy ass biatches that talk that shit but cant back it up; see pussy ass niggas; kwami
i dont like that motherfucka ho ass nigga.
by mikeaho June 23, 2004
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Oh my God!!!! Did you see that lady spit a quarter out of her vagina? That was some ho ass shit.


Dude.....stop giving the dog a red rocket. That's some ho ass shit!
by Angi & Serai December 17, 2007
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one fucking the fucking ho ass bitch ass of a fucking shitty ho cum slut bitch.

also a large flower pot
1: what the fuck is that fucking ho ass shit fuck fucking fucking ho asses of shit for. i will put her in my fuckhole. fucking bitch cum. i will bismark that skank whore.

2: that is one small ho ass shit fuck
by james richardson February 08, 2005
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1)One that bends over anytime the boss says so.
2)A bitch to the boss.
3)A yes man.
4)A brown nosing little bitch.
5)David Dunbar
David, you are such a little "Ho Ass Trick", "Ass Trick Ho", "Ass Ho Trick" and or "Trick Ass Ho". You must let the boss park his dick up in your ass 24/7. You are a little bitch cabin boy. In and out your ass.
by Jello December 17, 2004
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