Arabic word for "donkey" or "ass". Used as an insult towards idiotic behaviour.
Guy 1: "Dude, I got an E maths"
Guy 2: "What a hmar"
by Zoopong January 21, 2014
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a childish or immature person who acts like a donkey.

what we call an animal.
Hala bafarjeek ya hmar.

Stop messing around ya hmar
by Coolestdonkey99 January 22, 2018
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Lebanese word for idiot. Literally means donkey in Arabic.
Person A: What is the value of Pi?

Person B: Pizza.
Person A: Hmar.
by Tako_400 June 24, 2011
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“Ibnel hmar”is a word used towards someone you appreciate and love strongly
“I love you ya ibnel hmar
What’s up ha ibnel hmar”
by Moey_s February 17, 2020
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