When someone hates someone so much, people describe the person as a 'Hitler'
Charlie: Doggone, I hate that darn girl so much I'm going to kill her whole family!
Lisa:stop being such a Hitler!
by MoMento August 12, 2015
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When somebody is sleeping or during sex, when you stick your finger inside of your asshole, gather some shit and smear it on their upper lip to make it look like Adolf Hitler's mustache.
Guy 1: I was pounding my girlfriend and when she wasn't paying attention, I gave her a Hitler. So, I stuck my finger in my brown eye and smeared it above her fuckin' lips like lip gloss or some shit.

by xMetalxRagex April 20, 2009
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to have some sort of horrible smell on ones fnger and to wipe it under the nose of the chosen victim, like a hitler mustache. the victim will then smell the horrible stench of something for hours.
"dude, i totally stuck my finger up my butt then hitlered that guy"
by molly13 June 25, 2008
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A fairly disliked man by the Jewish, with a dead dog for a mustache
Wow! He is such a Hitler!
by Mrcoolgay36 May 20, 2016
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