Hit By A Bus is slang for "Overdose".
It was derived from the ancient greek story of Sir Birnbaum III and is growing in popularity.
Man you really got hit by a bus - we'll all be praying for you.
by rountrjf March 21, 2008
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Phrase used when evaluating how much risk exists in a (software) project, more specifically, if project success is too dependent upon any one principal team member. Closely related to "bus factor".
What if Eugene is hit by the bus, who will approve Git pull requests?
by DirtyWaterbury March 8, 2019
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When a friend, peer or coworker, usually male, meets a partner and they disappear from their friend group, work, and life.
"My student Eric had a great career ahead oh him until he got hit by a bus."

"He got ran over?!"

"May as well have, the bus's name was Ashley."
by lifedoesntexist January 3, 2020
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Is used in place of words such as: gay,stupid, retarded, etc...
Mainly used because people use the terms "gay or "retarded" in a negative tone. Implying that being gay or retarded it bad.
"Omgawd! Myspace is so getting hit by a bus!!"
by AKGNAKJGN. November 16, 2006
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"i want to hit you with a fucking bus"
short, simple words, if that one motherfucking, bitch ass-dog face-looking pussy motherfucking son of a bitch decides to step in your way.
Jared: "i fucked your wife"
Me: "i want to hit you with a fucking bus!!"
Jared: "you wouldnt."
Me: "all to see my wife."

now i see her through a glass window-
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Can be used to define multiple things like getting Covid which I have right now or you literally got hit by a bus
Person1 I got hit by a bus person2 sucks to suck
by Fuck horace mann September 5, 2022
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