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The action or behavior of turning away from a commitment especially in a sudden manner or at the last minute. This can happen in a relationship, planned event or any other thing that involves an agreed upon engagement between two or more parties.
Max had agreed to watch a movie with his friend on Sunday but he git pulled .
by Gigler23 December 22, 2017
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The sad fuckery when it comes to pulling a newer version of a project.
The person pulling would have to face many challenges, like merge conflicts and other weird shit
A: "LMAO Jake just pulling git's ass today"
B: "damm bad luck the new dev's code was pretty shit"
A: "haha imagine those 5 hour debugging session to fix a character ahaha couldn't be us rn"
by weirdbitch527 January 28, 2022
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The act of permanent termination of a relationship without any apparent reason or catalyst.

A stronger form of silence treatment in that the discontinuation of communication is permanent.
Eric walked past me without saying hi for no reason. He must've git pulled on me.

Anish thinks he got git-pulled, but apparently he got a heads up about the silence treatment. Because there was a heads up, he didn't get git pulled.
by amazon-l4-sdes December 22, 2017
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