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What uneducated people call the Himalaya
Dave: I saw a documentary about the Himalayas yesterday
Lloyd: Its Himalaya you pig fucker, its already a plural!
by justiceforcorrect March 24, 2011
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Verb which describes peaking multiple times.

Just like the Himalayas you have many peaks. Peaks can occur over the course of a single night or multiple weeks. Peaks are usually in alcohol consumption.

Where appropriate mountaineering terminology can be used for added effect.
1) I'm going hard every night this week, gonna be some himalayaring
2) Last night was our Everest, we got ourselves himalayard, shots every hour, there was no stopping our ascent
by gdbo June 15, 2016
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Hilly venue to the South of Cheltenham, offering services to people's mums and big units.
by Kaiser February 12, 2004
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