Fellatio administered by Paris, the shy and reserved heiress to the hotel chain.
No man is an island. As a result Hilton Head is the most amazing, most satisfying dick-lick anyone could ever ask for - even if she doesn't video it.
Where Ritzy meets Street and the Street consumes all.
Hilton Head is
by K1dFr3sh777 April 27, 2009
A beach-front town that's way better than Myrtle Beach. Ask any Ohio resident and they'll tell you Hilton Head is the best summer resort town. However, Hilton Head is considered by some to be too snobby or too touristy (especially on the South end). Few people in Hilton Head speak with a Southern accent. Hilton Head's beaches are very clean and surrounded by woods and wildlife. There are also many private beaches and some great local places, like Planet Smoothie and The Diner.

There's not much else to do there besides the beach, pool, and nature areas, unless you want to do some shopping around town or in nearby Bluffton. And don't be surprised by the plantations when you visit; they're just gated communities, and many residents live in them.
"Oh, you're visiting Hilton Head? You must be from Ohio."
If you live near a private beach, you're probably on Hilton Head Island.
If you live on a plantation and it's not the 1800s, you're probably on Hilton Head Island.
by an island native March 3, 2011
Jim Beam poured into a coffee mug; similar to a road soda.
Hey, let's grab some Hilton Head Coffees for the ride to the golf course.
by Narguts2010 June 17, 2010
To slam 5 Bahama Mamas and get kicked out of a Starbucks
Hey man! Ill take a Hilton Head Special!
by davyjones01 October 29, 2018
If you go to this school you'll most likely a trust fund baby. The parking lots are filled with rich people cars. And don’t be surprised if you find a few Juul pods on the ground... Oh and you can’t forget about the International Baccalaureate Program if you aren’t in the IB program and don’t complain about it everyday, do you really go to school here? Overall, It’s truly Palmettos Finest, but with a few dead mice lying around and some leaky ceiling tiles.
Oh you go to hilton head high school, you must be really rich.

Yeah, because I go to hilton head high school, I’m really close to the beach and will probably skip school tomorrow to go surfing.
by notfromohio February 28, 2020
When a participant in the exercise of relieving one's waste in the bathroom decides to otherwise go on the seat of the toilet. After that, they make sure to thoroughly distribute it by riding back and forth across the porcelain seat.
"Jay, what took you so long?"
"I was gently and carefully executing the method of the Hilton Head Paint Job!!!!!!!!"
by Gregory3298 July 27, 2016