Describes what is commonly referred to in America as "third base" this word is code that is often indeciferable to outsiders.The initials of Billie Joe (BJ) from Green Day are changed to HJ making the name "Hillie Joe",the initials giving an easy route around having to say disgusting words.Female Hillie Joe is the equal and opposite to Hillie Joe.
"Omg did you hear about Emily last night?"


"Her and Potato were gone a long while...Hillie Joe/Female Hillie Joe is my suspicion"
by Weirdo Smurf February 15, 2009
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1. slightyly more cultured hill billy
2. someone who frequents thrift shops without attaining the vintage/trendy status typically associated with emo kids

1. the act of obsessively visiting thrift shops
1. During my hike across the Rocky Mountains i came across some stoned hilly billies who offered me a joint & a share of the moose they just caught.
2. My mom is becoming a hilly billy. Every time she goes out she comes back with another piece-of-crap from the thrift shop. Maybe we should refer her to a doctor, do you think?

1. "Stop hilly billying around!" says Marla to Jed as they browsed through the Discount Superstore! dumpster out back, "we've got to get to the dentist!"
by lyra August 03, 2005
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If you have emails that you don't want anyone to find you get A Hilly Clinton.
by ole chunky June 19, 2017
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The opposite of hilty pilty
an expression often used to describe something as being bad.
Bad, terrible, horrible
Usually followed up by the word mothafucka

1. No one will look at my genitals, this party is hilly nilly!
2. Hilly nilly, mothafucka!
3. I had a hilly nilly time tonight because I found out my father is actually a bear.
4. This is just hilly nilly, mothafucka! I have nowhere to sleep tonight and nothing to eat!
by Evan Henderson May 06, 2008
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