Girl which drives my friend crazy, but is ugly as poop but has a big junk in the trunk. my friend this he still has a chance, so because of that he doesn't what to talk to any other girl. ladies please don't be a white spot.
Paul likes white spot
by zoltean May 31, 2008
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coward,chicken shit, If you look at the top of chicken shit there is always a white spot but bottom line it is still chicken shit.
Its sad that every time we have to deal with this chicken shit he runs for the hills. Would use white spot in the place of chicken shit.
by Oseola February 22, 2011
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An overpriced family restaurant generally located in BC, Canada. The food is pretty bland and sometimes looks unappetizing. Kids like it usually only for "pirate packs" which is a tiny kids meal that sits in a boat shaped package and comes with a chocolate coin. The servers are usually in a bad mood and won't hesitate to talk to you with a sarcastic tone.
Person 1: My boyfriend took me to White Spot for my birthday.
Person 2: Girl, you need to find a better man.
by ihateeggplant July 13, 2017
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While engaging in vaginal or oral sex with a woman, before ejaculating remove your penis and proceed to ejaculate on her face. Then shoot her mom.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally gave Christy a white spotted bambi last night.

Guy 2: Man, you should really leave the country.
by strawberrytaco October 13, 2009
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An illusive creature of the night whom is prone to suddenly disappearing (aka smoke bombing), releasing very limited and conflicting information about important events, and leading multiple parallel lives.
He went jackalling like the phantom white spotted jackal, or: the phantom white jackal has smoke bombed again.
by Fassbender December 21, 2013
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