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"Man, you thinking of voting for Hilldog?"
"Hilldog, what is your stance on the war in Iraq?"
by ham-fu December 03, 2007
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Also known as Hillary Clinton. A"feminist"- who is someone with autism or a similar form of retardation. Believes she can save the country from her buyout schemes.
I'm trying to make it big in the world today, I need a Hilldog to get me places.
by Not a Libtard November 07, 2016
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A person who rabidly supported Hillary Clinton for the '08 presidential nomination, but was unable to accept her loss, and has switched to the Republican camp; because, if McCain wins, Hillary might have another chance in 4 years.
The Hilldogs are willing to flush America down the toilet for 4 more years because they're bitter about losing.
by will75 November 03, 2008
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