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H.L.- a place so tough and notorious that even the most brutal convicts can't roll without a partner, a place where some residents use the phrase "I ain't no bitch", either because they are saying yes to something or stating the obvious, a place where poonflap is an acceptable insult, and we only accept drinks that are "ice mothafuckin cold", a place where we ride bears to get be continued
"Yo bro the other day i was cruisin through Highland Lakes on my bear, when i got in a crash with another car, and the next thing i knew i was tied up by some o.g. courts ballas at the courts!"
by The Block Dragon July 29, 2009
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The gulliest side of Vernon Township, New Jersey where the playas play and the grimmiest thugs and gangsters be at. Where someone could get bucked down for their grill, and more kids get shanked for their sneakers and left in the gutta. Not to be associated with the bitch snitches from Barry or Cliffwood lakes. Only real Gs hold down the HL territory, and don't hesitate to peel caps back if looked at the the wrong way.
"I wouldn't go into Highland Lakes with those new Jordans if I were you. You might get jacked"
by M.O.B. April 06, 2006
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often considered the ghetto of Vernon. a good place to get drunk, do to the fact that this particular community breeds alcoholics. highland lakes is constantly at war with neighboring lake communities, with the exception of scenic lakes because we have countless connections through each other. in this community, one could get beat up, not jumped because we are not pussies, for doing dicklicious actions. we enjoy partying in the woods, random backroads, and uninhabited beaches. HL consists of great dealers who give sweet hookups and strange old men who enjoy buying alcohol for teenage girls.
"wanna get drunk tonight?"
"yeah dude! definitely."
"good thing we live in highland lakes, because it's sure to happen."
by Lauren Mindos December 02, 2006
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