The all knowing, almighty, all badass underground lord of the digital world.
Tom: "Hey Debbie, do you know the meaning of life? Or how to correct this myspace code?"
Debbie: "Just ask banz."
by Franklin de Wolfe August 8, 2008
Banz is the term used when one is describing a person that is a hardcore republican willing to suck dick for coke and just to be able to meet George W. Bush in person.
I am banz.
I like to banz.
Ruflz that guy is banz.
by John Kerry November 10, 2004
Doing Something in a a very fast manor, especially driving.
That Mexican Ricer was Bawnzing down A hill, when suddenly he crashed into gas station!
by Karim Al-Basiel August 9, 2005
The most sexy guy in the world.
Nobody can stop him.
He can do every thing.
by Fuck_kkk March 13, 2017