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White Bear Lake is a medium-sized suburban town in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities metro area.
1.) The town's majority is white people, small percentage of minorities.
2.) Citizens addicted to hardcore drugs are uncommon, but are definately present.
3.) The schools are pretty decent academic-wise. The students can range from students with all A's, to students obsessed with Snapchat, to teen mothers.
4.) Rumours say that the weed in White Bear Lake is "tainted with various chemicals and makes the person who smokes it crazy". The weed is completely fine, it does not make you crazy, but there is a huge chance of the weed being low-grade. Weed is actually pretty hard to find on the streets in White Bear Lake.
5.) Downtown White Bear Lake is a nice, cute little area where you can shop and get all your needs pretty quick.
Mahtomedi? Fuck that... White Bear Lake is the shit.
by pettypasta May 28, 2016
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1. A suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota with a population of roughly 25,000, 120% of that population being white.
2. A suburb widely known for vast white people
3. See WHITE
Wow, those kids shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch are so White Bear Lake it's not even funny.
by Jeremy Elliott July 28, 2004
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A suburb od St. Paul, Minnestota that is the best known in the Northeast Metro for its drug use and chevs/chevettes . Teenagers tend to drop out of high school, have unplanned pregnancies, and never move out of they're parent's houses. If they go to college, it is usually to Century Community College because it is located in White Bear Lake and they can still live with their parents, who are usually working class burn-outs. The weed in White Bear Lake is tainted with various chemicals, which make everyone who smokes it crazy.
Why would you do that? White Bear Lake has bad weed and the chicks are chevettes.
by EliotThatMan April 06, 2011
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Suburb in Minnesota. Called White Bear Lake due to lack of black people. Home to the most pathetic highschools known to man.
And guess what the schools colors are? Thats right Orange Black and White, just like 95% of the other highschools.
by matt dold November 22, 2004
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