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The next Lindsey Lohan. No, just kidding.

Miley Cyrus is one of Disney Channel's most beloved actresses. Why is that? Her show, Hannah Montana, is one of the most talked about shows for 11 year olds, next to Disney Channel's movie High School Musical. She's become such a hit that even rumors have hit her such as the one where she admitted to a magazine she was pregnant. She's hitting the big world.. a little TOO early.
You get the best of both worlds. Literally.
Miley Cyrus sure does state that meaning a lot.
by Ayeedrian November 4, 2007
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Someone you won't understand for quite some time.
"Watch me crank dat soulja boyyyy. YUUUUUUU."
"Good for you."
by Ayeedrian October 16, 2007
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Britney Spears's latest single. It's supposedly her comeback. Unfortunately, she repeats the same two words over again in the chorus.

We get it Britney. We get it.
"Gimme gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme gimme more."

She wants more custody so she's getting it. Yay.
by Ayeedrian October 16, 2007
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The movie that God wished that wouldn't have happened.

A movie that has populated the small minds of 12 year old children.

Also look up the movie Grease for inspiration.
God: "High School Musical? We need John Travolta in there. Zac Efron is just.. ugh."
by Ayeedrian November 4, 2007
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Before her 'incident', Vanessa Hudgens was every girl's role model. She stars in Disney Channel's hit movie High School Musical.

Recently, nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet.

Unfortunately, girls now think of her as the skank who doesn't shave.

Please search up shave if you have any questions.
Vanessa Hudgens is hella hot!
-sees nude picture-
by Ayeedrian November 4, 2007
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