A sexting type game. You play iMessage games or other messaging games and the loser has to send a nude. Before playing, establish whether a tie means both (everyone involved) send or none send nudes.

Don’t forget to not show your face in nudes, and *NEVER* share someone’s nudes without their permission ;-;
I played High Risk with Jenny last night and ended up exchanging several pictures of our *titties*
by DaddyMints May 19, 2021
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For example, a teenage boy is a "high risk user" who might be associated with dangerous sites such as warez, crackz, IRC and P2P, using risky downloads, using strange media, and unsecured computers.
I don't need a strong virus scanner because I'm not a "high risk user".
by Darryl Gittins June 28, 2007
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Taking a mirror photo or selfie in a public area (ex: bathroom) that appears to be empty; but at any given moment someone can walk in catching you during the act of a selfie.
Jen: “Wow! Cute outfit!”
Marissa: “Thanks! It was definitely a High-Risk Selfie since someone walked in right after I took it.”
by Moniemarie31 September 19, 2019
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bro 1 - bro, wanna do woods?
bro 2 - nah bro we're gonna loose everything to a scav with a shotgun 200 meters way
bro 1 - high risk high reward bro
by Therealonefromthestreets November 25, 2022
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