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What you are supposed to be doing right now. Get your shit together man. And don’t look up Porn on here.
I don’t want to do my homework because it’s useless so I’ll look it up on urban dictionary instead. Now that I’m here, I’ll search up and read porn.
by DaddyMints February 5, 2021
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A sexting type game. You play iMessage games or other messaging games and the loser has to send a nude. Before playing, establish whether a tie means both (everyone involved) send or none send nudes.

Don’t forget to not show your face in nudes, and *NEVER* share someone’s nudes without their permission ;-;
I played High Risk with Jenny last night and ended up exchanging several pictures of our *titties*
by DaddyMints May 19, 2021
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Not having a label for sexuality. Similar to just “Queer” or “Gay.” People who are unlabeled do not see a need for labels OR do not feel like their is a sexuality they fall into OR they may think labels cause stereotypes. Very cool.
I am unidentifed/ unlabeled because I do not see myself being held back by a label. I love who I love and that’s on periodt.
by DaddyMints February 5, 2021
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Mexican vulgar slang. Pretty much means “Go to hell” or “Go Fuck yourself” It’s on those lines.
Julio: Me acoste con tu mujer...
Carlos: Despues de todo este tiempo! Vete a la verga!
by DaddyMints February 5, 2021
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What you ask when your step bro is doing something he’s not supposed to.
Step Sis: “HELP! I’M STUCK”
Step Bro walks in.
Step Sis feels something.
Step Sis: “What Are You Doing Step Bro?”
by DaddyMints July 22, 2020
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Obviously this means what the teacher asks for when y’all read a story and she’s talking bout plot. What y’all be thinking bout
“David shoved it up Kia’s entering and she let out a yelp. He kept thrusting as Kia moaned out David’s name. ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop! Ugh, oh I think I’m gonna, I’m gonna... ahh’ David creampied Kia.”

Teacher: So kids, what was the climax of the story
Kia: I think it would be when David and I came 😳
by DaddyMints July 24, 2020
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A guy who is not a blood relative therefore there is no risk of genetic mutations
Lucy is stuck in the sink cabinet and starts yelling for help. Ashton, her step bro, runs to the bathroom to see what all the yelling is about. He sees that his step sister is stuck, but in the position that she’s in, he notices that she’s got cake. Lucy was only wearing a blouse and short skirt with a very visible black lace thong. Ashton grabs her booty and massages it with his fingers. He then lowers the skirt, plays with the thong, and shoves his finger up her entering. Lucy lets out a loud yelp. “WhAt ArE yOu DoInG sTeP bRo?” She says. Ashton lowers her thong and starts playing with her clitoris with his left hand while jacking off with his right hand. Lucy is moaning in pleasure and suddenly, her insides feel like they exploded as her step bro pounds her. Lucy says in between her moans, “Did you use protection?” Ashton replies, “no risk of genetic mutation here” Ashton continues to pound her until the cabinet breaks and Lucy is now free.
by DaddyMints July 22, 2020
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