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High Point is a city located in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. It was named High Point because it was located at the highest point of the 1856 North Carolina Railroad between Charlotte and Goldsboro. The population in 2007 was listed at 105,297. It is nicknamed "Furniture and Hosiery Capital of the World", though many of the manufacturing jobs are long gone. High Point still hosts the International Home Furnishings Market twice a year, that attracts 100,000 exhibitors and buyers from around the world, though they now have competition for this market from Las Vegas. Some natives of High Point are: Fantasia Barrino, 2004 America Idol winner; Adrian Wilson, safety for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals; Brian Williams, cornerback for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars; Bill Davis, owner of Bill Davis Racing of NASCAR; and John Coltrane, celebrated saxophonist, was born in Hamlet, NC and moved to High Point shortly after birth, where he remained through high school. High Point University is a private college here.
There is not too much to see or do in High Point, as far as attractions go, but there are some good magnet school programs in this area. One of the biggest events for locals is the High Point Andrews vs High Point Central football game. High Point can also be referred to as "the point".
Many people were mad that Fantasia bashed High Point in her book, but she was only telling the truth.
by Ceylove September 25, 2008
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A game which is played while intoxicated by only the top drinkers in the world. The game requires an empty beer can and 2 players. Player one holds the can horizontal on a table while player 2 chops the can in an attempt to break it in half. Then player 2 spins the can to the “highest point” (or usually the part of the can that will fuck the other persons hand up the most) and allows player 1 to chop the can. You take successive turns. The winner is the player who successfully breaks the can into two separate pieces. The winner will obtain bragging rights, and a bloody hand. You drink when you need a little more courage to submerge the side of your hand into a jagged bloody pile of aluminum.
Dude these marks on my hand are from a game of high point which was over a month ago.
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A neighborhood where all these Somalis throw up 44 and they act like gangsters
Somali 1: aye wallahi I’m bouta beat that niggas ass

Somali 2: on highpoint 44 you better get that nigga
by Picklesnhoes June 03, 2018
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A neighborhood in the projects with a bunch of Somalis who call themselves 44
Somali 1: aye wallahi nigga I’m bouta beat his ass
Somali 2: on highpoint 44 you better fuck that nigga up
by Picklesnhoes June 03, 2018
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