The NFL's perenial last place team, the Cardinals are a team with a long history, and one that unfortunately includes mostly losing. Established in 1920 as the Chicago Cardinals, they always played second fiddle to the crosstown Bears in the league's early days. The Cardinals generally struggled in their early years, except for a surprising championship in 1925. The team won an NFL championship in 1947 against the Eagles for their only title. They lost the rematch in the 1948 title game, in a low scoring 7-0 matchup. In 1960, the team moved to St. Louis, which did little to change their fortunes. The team had its best years in franchise history in the mid-70s with Jim Hart under center, achieving 3 straight playoff berths from 1974-76. The team also had a playoff berth in the strike shortened 1982 season. However, with the team still a poor franchise and, with St. Louis refusing to pay for a new stadium, the team moved to Phoenix for the 1988 season, first calling themselves the Phoenix Cardinals, then switching to the name Arizona Cardinals in 1994. The team failed to post a .500 season from 1985-97, but finally broke through with a playoff berth in 1998, their most recent postseason apperance. That year, the team went 9-7 and pulled off a 1st round upset of the Cowboys. Since then, the team has returned to its losing ways. However, they are currently building a good offense and their might be hope on the horizon for this team.
"The Arizona Cardinals have pulled up a gigantic playoff upset! In their first postseason apperance in 16 years, the defeat Dallas and are moving on to the next round."
by Sports Info July 7, 2006
Soon to be Super Bowl Champions.

1. Super Bowl Winning Querterback is leading the team. If Uninjured, Kurt Warner can put up Peyton Manning numbers and win an MVP easily. If Kurt Warner is injured, Matt Lienart can come in and do very well.

2. The Cards have the best WR Core in the League. Anquian Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald were the 4th and 5th leading recievers in yards in 2005, and that was back when Kurt Warner was injured and they had Josh Mcown had to lead the team. Imagine what they could do if Kurt is uninjured on '06

3. That have the best kicker in the entire league. Neil Rackers was once on NFL Total access. From 40 yards away, he could hit the crossbars with ease, 6 TIMES. He set a record for FG's made and FG persentage last year.

4. They got Edgerrin James. The ONLY thing stopping them last year from having a perfect offence was a good RB, now they have it. The Edge could help out in blocking, catching, and most importantly running.

5. Picking up TE Leanard Pope and G Matui Latui easily makes a great O-Line.

6. According to ESPN, they have the 10th best defence in the league.

7. According to the 05 season, they have the 8th best defence in the league

8. They are playing in the Easiest Division in the League
The Arizona Cardinals could very well get to the superbowl if they can get there run game going and get better red-zone scoring, and considering their pickups in the off-season and the fact of injuries in 05, they could EASILY do VERY well in '06.
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
The Arizona are a shit show and are the worst team it the NFL wouldn’t suggest being a fan of that horrible franchise.
The Arizona Cardinals lost to a 3rd string QB in week 16
by RorRorTheDinosaur January 4, 2021