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IN COMMON other SAME TITLES in corporate , government, and n

on profits.

A SEXUAL innuendo that says both people are HOMOSEXUAL in orientation.

The levels in society of the comparison of two individuals.
The CEO of one corporation is related to the CEO of another corporation in many ways and they themselves can relate communicatively by the fact they are the SAME POSITION RELATIONS which can extrapolate to many other specific same positions.

I have been HOMOSEXUAL all my LIFE and other HOMOSEXUAL men have SAME POSITION RELATIONS as me because we know how this feels and how we act sexually.

One PEDOPHILE is just like another PEDOPHILE in how low they are valued by society and one PROFESSIONAL NBA is just like another PROFESSIONAL NBA in how high valued they are by society.
by METE MEAT MEET August 05, 2021
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It's a series in A...K(exclude I.J) form concatenated by 0...9 three or four repeats in a FOUR OR FIVE BAND.

It is asking you to be monogamous

The end of your present HAVOC.

A great way to hand out anything that is advantageous.
Listen for your ticket number is your OFFICIAL 0...9 COUNTTER , as you can only COUNT ONE when you get there and it is very FEMALE no matter what as NOW SERVING C0UNT as you only get ONE.

You only get ONE COUNTER and either it is open or close for your preference but remember when you get there NOW SERVING it is the HERE AND NOW

Quickly your wait is NOW SERuVING and ends at the COUNTER POINT NOW SERVED.

Seriously SAM as NOW SERVING could have handled our STIMMY.
by METE MEAT MEET May 20, 2021
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Enough cans to get a meal and still pay towards the admission to the PORN THEATHER DEJA VU or AL ESN.

AL ESN meal I got was at DEJA VU where I used the SEVEN DOLLARS to enter and some for a meal.

One MEAL is due still the AL ESN MEAL.
This guy WAITING in front of the WYNN BUS STOP with this woman gave me SEVEN CRISP DOLLAR BILLS as I asked do you have something for a meal which with the SEVEN SQUIRT CANS I left in the TRASH RECEPTABLE at UNLV in the music college as he had been PRIVY to those findings.

I drank two cans of SQUIRT and it yielded one ASSH0LE MEAL and in all with the other SEVEN SQUIRT CANS it makes NINE SQUIRT CANS for someone has ONE SQUIRT CAN.

Next time I come back to DEJA VU I will be served my ESN MEAL as it originated from the SEVEN SQUIRT CANS.
by METE MEAT MEET June 18, 2021
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If you are on FACEBOOK and this UPPER ESCHELON is showing you are a STUPID PEOPLE as exception as not counting the BACK OF HEAD.

In the lower ESCHELON ALL MALES drop your PANTS and dive bell SEEKERS females DROP your pants.

FEMINIST ZOMBIE ELLEN says it's a new edition on CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY showing they are in charge of the UPPER ESCHELON HEAD.
Just like me GET OUT MY HEAD as I am STUPID PEOPLE too.

OK, is that an order, SHANE CODD the great FISH GOD GOD ARIANA GRANDOSITY as we will GET OUT MY HEAD but SHIT CLICKS to as dive bells as DIVE and protrude your CLIT HEAD.

As see FEMINIST ZOMBIE is in charge GET OUT MY HEAD as they order all the MALES to assume the LOWER ESCHELON position while their UPPER ESCHELON HEADS prosecute as many NALES as possible as it is a code word (GRAB THEM BY THE COCKY )
by METE MEAT MEET May 05, 2021
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A true now pornographic film display in an OCCUPIED LOCKED FUTURE PORN PORTAL.

A past dead PORN STAR in PORN FORM being presently observed.

The SEANCE that is real in GETTING DRAFTED.

Don't believe me just watch.
The chair you sleep is the GHOST PORNOGRAPHY that will occur when you get LOCKED INTO the orgasm that lasts forever on the PORN SET that is in VIEW and always on where the OCCUPIED LIGHT never goes out.

BURT REYNOLDS in BOOGIE NIGHTS as himself out of STAR FORM was a porn star and PLAYBOY CENTERFOLD as his GHOST PORNOGRAPHY is super hot and you VAN NUYS GUISE still there.

In as much I don't want to scare the daylights out of you as RESORTS WORLD will legally be showing GHOST PORNOGRAPHY everytime you take a shower in THEIR MANDALAY BAY water cascade as YOU ARE IT.

by METE MEAT MEET May 21, 2021
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Where there is room for one more H0LE.

It's a space ranger form that is relevant to the SHOWWERD.




It's a BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD derivation.

Another word for also another space.

It's a place in SEATTLE where ANN AND NANCY WILSON from the rock band HEART are from.
And also another BUT HOLE.

Additional BUT HOLE besides yours when you go SHOWERD is where the CASCADE comes from the BUT HOLE and the DRAIN is a BUT HOLE.

You are a BUT HOLE as you always have an excuse.

It's a BUT HOLE , mmm,

it's a BUTT HOLE, mmm, a BUT HALL ,mmm , A BUT HAUL, mmm, BUTT HALL,. BUTT HAUL, come down to it they are all a BUT HOLE.

BUT BUT BUT BUT as once they stop there is a BUT HOLE.

There is also another BUT HOLE.

Notice when you run BUT HOLE together as BUTHOLE as it sounds exactly like you are saying BOTHELL which is in the state of WASHINGTON.
by METE MEAT MEET May 07, 2021
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A soda owned by the SEVEN UP DR. PEPPER company that has special internal properties and external properties.

Internal property is quencher.

On the dating site a redundant revelation as the external property.
I noticed after I drank a water and A SQUIRT SODA I have to PISS with urgency.

I notice A SQUIRT SODA really quenches the THIRST OF CANADIANS especially JUSTIN BIEBER.

Did you know that ASSH0LE on SQUIRT as I will tell you this DABRION as it's worth a MILIION DOLLARS in BRIBRRY MONEY the ENCORE gladly gave you as you were the CARR that the number 4 ad a good thing the FBI RAIDERS were looking for too ICE MOM at the WYNN as ASSH0LE got trespassed out of the WYNN for ,now over A SQUIRT SODA A JEWISH HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE that coordinated a FIRE ANTS RIMJOB:MATTHEW O MADDOX.452 to show once and for all the WYNN ASCRIPTION at LOSER'S AT MGM was worth A SQUIRT SODA to drink and remember this " ALL PEDOPHILES ARE WELCOMED ". , cause UNCLE CRACKER MARK SHAFFER OF KID ROCK ROBERT RICHIE would not have it any other way.
by METE MEAT MEET June 18, 2021
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