Verb - Someone who ignores all their other friends when they are dating a boyfriend/girlfriend
I haven't seen or heard from Jennifer since she started hiberdating Teddy four months ago.
by Andy Freemon November 26, 2010
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In addition to being a situation in which two people date so exclusively that you rarely see them, the hiberdating couple will make occasional public appearances. During these appearances, the two will never acknowledge anyone but each other, never stop touching/caressing each other, and will annoy the living piss out of anyone and everyone in their vicinity, especially used-to-be friends of the hiberdaters.
Wanna go hang out with Kenny and Marissa?" "Sure, if you want to puke your guts out listening to them talk goo-goo to each other... they've reached hiberdating status ever since Kenny refused to take his hand off Marissa's knee during Science class
by SpaceMountain January 21, 2011
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when a person ignores there friends in favor of a boyfriend/ girlfriend.
by Gurton Buster November 19, 2018
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Dating Someone Only During The Winter Months And Then When The Weather Becomes Nice Out Breaking Up With The Person.
"I Thought Those Two Were Together?" "They Were But They Were Just Hiberdating.They Do This Every Year. First Nice Weekend Out They Called It Quits. Come October They'll Be Back Together."
by Rik27 April 15, 2010
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Verb. To take a break from dating altogether for an extended period of time (i.e. seasonally)
1. Did I tell you about this hot chick at work I want you to meet? You should totally ask her out.

Dude, I'm flat broke. I gotta hiberdate this winter, so don't be tempting me some hot chick from work, ok?

2. Did I tell you about this hot guy at work I want you to meet? You should totally go out with him.

I'm so over it right now. I have to hiberdate this winter and think about what I'm really looking for in a guy. But if he's still single in the spring, let me know.
by Golda Stewart December 2, 2010
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Hiberdating is when a person ignores their friends in favour of a boyfriend/girlfriend.
We're Hiberdating
by Interius July 16, 2021
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When someone ignores their friends in favour of the girl/boyfriend they are dating at the moment. When they are unable to be in the same space, touching each other, they cannot be parted from their phone, where they are undoubtedly messaging them. They will mostly ignore their friends, unless they feel the need to insult them or defend their relationship. To sum it up, it's when couples spend over 60 hours a week in a vc.
Person 1: "Man, I haven't seen 3 for ages."

Person 2: "Yeah, not since they started dating 4."

Person 1: "But 4 lives overseas, how does that work?"

Person 2: "Over 60 hours in a vc, that's how. I wish they weren't hiberdating, I need their help with this job."
by Charcoal_Warpaint04 November 14, 2022
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