A quote, often shouted mockingly, from the 80s film the Goonies. This definition is incomplete.
by RiverHaven September 28, 2021
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Either gender asking if the person they want to smash is up for a root.
Her: hey you up ?

Him: yea why
Her: I'll be over in 30 minutes
by Mellogibbo December 09, 2019
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Don't use the word Hi/Hey/Hello again you sad son of bitch, like are you that depressed you need urban dictionary. Nigga theres nothing here but dickheads, fucktards, and porn addicts so go somewhere else
by MI NAME IS MAN November 12, 2020
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Remark requesting reassurance that all is satisfactory
The lyrics were performed by superstars. Gud hey.
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010
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Something that you yell in a restaurant when you drink enough to become attracted to an unattractive waitress. This is usually a last ditch tactic for those with no game. There is usually only a 5% to 10% success rate with this tactic.
Yelled at the top of your lungs. "Holla Hey"
by SlyFox02 March 01, 2009
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