Used in the African-American community as an interrogative.
It can also be used to assure someone that what you said is 100% truthful.
Use #1

Tony: Lil Wayne is better than Biggie.
Chris: Bro what?

Use #2

Tony: I just got paid 600 today.
Chris: You're lying.
Tony: Bro what.
by Ghetto Intellectual July 22, 2016
when you encounter a rubbish thing and you're like nah bro what is this bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro
"you have to do a 100000 word essay"
"Nah bro, what is this", " bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro""
by BotBot3000 May 3, 2021
the meme you see on almost every youtube video
in other words,
a reporter asked Russell Westbrook a question about his basketball match against the Jazz team and Russell Westbrook responded with "what?! bro what are you talking about man?"
Reporter: "Russell, did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?"
Russell: "what, bro what are you talking about man" (w/o punctuation)
"bro, I'm out man. yall trippin"
by thekaprisunstraw September 11, 2021
A classic phrase commonly used by people named Kyle or Nikhil, usually indicating a reacting to a question that they do not wish to answer.
Aidan : Why are you so fucking Indian
Nikhil : What bro
by whatbro99 January 24, 2020
Let’s just say a substitute for huh? What?
Hey dude I saw you sleep with my gorl
bruv I can’t not just like huh bro what?
by ErrorGGS R May 26, 2021
a sarcastic way to get some one to understand their own stupidity in what they just said
"SOoo i went shopping with my mom yesterday.......etc"
"cool story bro, now what chapter do you shut the fuck up?"
by ferrkk October 11, 2011
A phrase used when someone says something that's so unbelievably dumb/crazy/weird that you question whether you actually heard it.
Mike: I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm attracted to horses.

John: Bro what?
by blem world March 11, 2023