A phrase used when someone says something that's so unbelievably dumb/crazy/weird that you question whether you actually heard it.
Mike: I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm attracted to horses.

John: Bro what?
by blem world March 11, 2023
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Used in the African-American community as an interrogative.
It can also be used to assure someone that what you said is 100% truthful.
Use #1

Tony: Lil Wayne is better than Biggie.
Chris: Bro what?

Use #2

Tony: I just got paid 600 today.
Chris: You're lying.
Tony: Bro what.
by Ghetto Intellectual July 22, 2016
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when you encounter a rubbish thing and you're like nah bro what is this bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro
"you have to do a 100000 word essay"
"Nah bro, what is this", " bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro""
by BotBot3000 May 3, 2021
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Extreme shock, like when you find out Ohio isn't funny anymore.

Similar to "Alright dude, what the flip."
"Ok bro, what the flip!!! Only in Ohio!!111!!"
by Dogefield!1!! May 19, 2023
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the meme you see on almost every youtube video
in other words,
a reporter asked Russell Westbrook a question about his basketball match against the Jazz team and Russell Westbrook responded with "what?! bro what are you talking about man?"
Reporter: "Russell, did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?"
Russell: "what, bro what are you talking about man" (w/o punctuation)
"bro, I'm out man. yall trippin"
by thekaprisunstraw September 11, 2021
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A classic phrase commonly used by people named Kyle or Nikhil, usually indicating a reacting to a question that they do not wish to answer.
Aidan : Why are you so fucking Indian
Nikhil : What bro
by whatbro99 January 24, 2020
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Let’s just say a substitute for huh? What?
Hey dude I saw you sleep with my gorl
bruv I can’t not just like huh bro what?
by ErrorGGS R May 26, 2021
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