Usually seen in tiktok comment sections. Typically flirting that means that he/she finds someone else attractive.
Boy: posts thirst rap of him wearing rings and skating

girls and gays: hey lol
by Handsomesouthernboy August 31, 2020
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She tryna get in dem boxers boa BIG AHH W
Boy: Yo wsg

Girl: Hey lol hruu ??
by Planetshaydub July 28, 2021
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say it to someone you think is hot or smexy and some people may use is it a way of flirtatious matters
ex: hey lol: meaning "omg pls ur so hot rail me"
by May lolx February 1, 2021
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this person thinks you’re mad sexy and is shooting their shot. don’t ignore it. it’s most likely a code for “rearrange my insides
*texting someone something attractive*
person:hey lol
by bokuto simp November 22, 2020
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the person who said this thinks ur mad sexy and probably wants to shoot their shot. not to be confused with, "please break my back and have my kids you sexy ass bitch"

do not ignore the person who says hey lol.

i will personally track you down and turn your tonsils into spaghetti.
*guy posts a hot pic on ig most likely wearing rings*
girl: hey lol
by condombanana October 19, 2020
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this is like saying hey the regular way, except it's to convey that you like the person. if you're sent this, it most likely means the person likes you.
Girl: *posts selfie*
Boy: *slides in dms* "Hey lol. You're kinda cute"
by poopsocksss March 24, 2020
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