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The six-sided shape of a honeycomb, which covers the largest region with shapes of the same area while using the least boundary.
Besides the equilateral triangle and the square, the hexagon is the other shape that can tile a plane, without leaving any gaps.
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by MathPlus January 05, 2017
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Bein hecksa faded (gone).
Broskee: Dude how much did you drink?

Brosephora: I don't know but i'm hexagon
by Donslack January 30, 2010
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Sexual encounter where one girl hooks up with 6 guys at the same time. There is double penetration plus two handjobs plus a blow job and titty fucking. It is found that the lady of the night needs to be on her back, possibly suspended by ropes.
Dude, I don't think I've ever had a hexagon till last night. Me and my five roommates totally dominated some girl. Stan complained of balls in his face.
by Panamasity August 12, 2009
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