A person who uses threats and other means of intimidation to get something they want.
Evan Chandler and Janet Arvizo are two extortionists who falsely accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in attempts to get their hands on his money.
by MKTrthBTld February 4, 2012
One who makes great monetary gain by asking for it under false pretenses, especially a doctor.
In George Bush's America, all doctors practice extortion.
by GuidoPosse69 February 11, 2005
An increasingly popular nickname for Dolt 45.
An expert in the finely honed criminal art of shooting himself in the foot, the Extortionist in Chief appears to have stepped into what may be the deepest self-made shitpile of his gilded life.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 30, 2019
A fat bitch that extorts money from rich men for sex and blow jobs.
I met an Extortionist Whale at the bar last night. I told her to fuck off.
by ZuntleCapacitorWavelength September 22, 2013