Localised retail stores that sell or rent surfboards and the related fashions and equipment used for surfing, skimboarding or bodyboarding. Often staffed by local surfers with experience in surfing the local surf breaks.

(see): Brave New World
Man, that chode behind the counter at that surf shop was completly useless!

My bro at the surf shop can hook us up!
by Uglyfredy January 17, 2005
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Small surf shop in Stuart, Fl. A place committed to helping out the community. A place where strangers are treated like family. Committed to keeping a local vibee, carrying local products while still making the tourists have fun and feel welcome. www.ohanasurfshop.com
by stuart FL November 17, 2011
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The hypothetical future name of the surf shop that the two garbage men planned to open in the movie 'Men at Work'
May be used to describe any endevour which has absolutely no chance of ever coming to fruition...."yeah....we could buy this bar and turn it into Carl and James's Surf Shop"
by scogey October 29, 2010
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