A higher being equivalent to God.
A sex machine.
Person whose penis is the size of a skyscraper.
Very cool dude.
I believe in Henrique, he is my faith;
He is a Henrique in bed;
Let's have sex like you're Henrique;
He is very Henrique;
by MamaduShinobiSeitha May 9, 2011
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Calling someone a Henrique is similar to calling someone a pimp, but unlike calling someone a pimp, when you call someone a Henrique, you're implying that his penis is as big as he is tall. A henrique is the definition of well hung.
The term originated in the portuguese town of Guia in the early 21st century, and is still being used around the country.
Yo that guy's such a Henrique, I was rolling my 6 foot blunt the other day, and he whooped out his cock and there it was, clear as day. as long as he was tall motherfucker. And as I was lookin down, 'n' contemplatin' the sight, he smoked my blunt in 1 hit.
by Lord of the Pigeons April 16, 2008
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Henrique: It means "lord of the home," "prince of the home," or "ruler of the house."

Henrique originates in the Germanic name Haimirich, composed by the union of the elements heim, which means "home", "house", and rik, which means "lord", "prince", "power". From this junction comes the meaning "lord of the home," "prince of the home," or "ruler of the house."

It was a name widely used by royalty, adopted by English, Germanic, French, and Portuguese kings.

The most famous historical figure who bore this name was Henry VIII of England, which had its reign comprised between the years of 1509 and 1547.

Henry VIII was known to have played a key role in breaking the Anglican Church with the Catholic Church. In addition, he was considered one of the most charismatic rulers who passed through the English throne.

The name appeared in Portugal with D. Henrique de Burggonha, father of D. Afonso Henriques.

In England it was introduced by the Normans. It became very popular during the Middle Ages, with the Henry and Herry forms, which are the most common variants in the United States and England respectively.

Also it was name of several saints and much used in Literature to denominate noble personages.
"Did you know that Henrique comes from a german name, Haimirich?"
by SucculentsArePlantastic December 27, 2017
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It’s over, or RIP. In 2012 of the NHL Eastern Confernce Final against the New York Rangers, Adam Henrique scored for the New Jersey Devils ending the series. Announcer, Doc Emrick called the goal “Henrique, it’s over!”
Guy 1: “Fuck I got her pregnant!”

Guy 2: “Henrique!”
by Yung Junie February 11, 2019
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Charismatic, Handsome, tall, Sexy and funny.

Benjamin Henriques, a dreamy Portuguese man who has it all. But he can be quite an asshole sometimes. Benjamin has brown hair, green eyes and a perfect smile.

He will make time for you all the time, Benjamin’s always so horny, but hey they sure have big dicks ;) he will make sure that he pleasures you the right way.

He’s a man of his words, he will truly love you for who you are. He doesn’t give up when things gets tough, he is patient when it comes to love and is loyal and will do everything to reach his goal in life.

Benjamin’s are handy and creative. But when he’s angry and he shouts...RUN!

Benjamin’s jokes are the best, they are simply terrible but funny. (Sorry not sorry)

Benjamin’s are the greatest, outgoing, handsome guy you will ever meet! If you have a Benjamin in your life (lover or a friend)

Never let them go...
danggg he’s seriously handsome, he must be Portuguese right?

Yeah he is, that’s Benjamin Henriques.
by chellie1228 January 21, 2021
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He is so cute and funny I love him.

His cock is massive DANG!

Touching his makes your panties wet.
Damn he got a Henrique Ross Pensis.
by Kelly Windsor November 18, 2020
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